Saturday, July 29, 2017

What's happening at Ian Wood's Novels? The usual - write Write! WRITE!

This is the sister website to Ian Wood's Novellum, my book review blog, and is the place to come for updates on my novels, for rambling about writing them, for sneak peaks and sample chapters, and for free downloads - when I get organized that is (and thats taking a while. I'm sorry, but I'm all about writing while I can write)! When I'm on a roll I just want to write (or in the case of the children's Little Rattuses series, create, and the hell with anything else. That's what it's all about after all, isn't it?

My books are no longer be available on Amazon. I've ceased all publication and withdrawn all of my books from there because frankly, they're jerks and Amazon is way too big and powerful. Not that I agree with Trump about their postal discount - they don't get anything any other business doesn't, but the last book I submitted there for publication had my name changed by Amazon without any consultation with me, and for no other reason than that the people in charge there are quite evidently morons. I wrote and complained, but my complaint was ignored. That was the end of the relationship for me, and I don't care if it does cost me sales.

Amazon can go to hell. I will never offer another book for sale on Amazon, and I sincerely hope my estate when I am gone will respect these wishes. The books are available on Barnes & Noble, and I hope to publish them on Google Play soon, and also on (don't tell!) Lulu.

The middle-grade novel set in the rather magical and young female-empowering Terrene world - in which last year's Cloudfighters was set, is on the cards to be published this weekend (Apr 14-15) if I can get off my tail and do the work. I have the last chapter to write and the cover to finish (it's pretty much done, and no, I am not about to have a dramatic cover reveal - pulease! The point is that it's virtually in the bag. It's longer than Cloudfighters, and actually longer I anticipated by quite a margin, running now in excess of 85,000 words (well over 200 pages).

This is what happens when you let your characters take over the story, but would have it no other way. I love my characters (even though I had to kill one of them off this time, but saving the environment from oil villains is a dangerous gig). This novel went in directions which I never anticipated when I first thought of the novel (which was October 17th last year when I was working on the parody, Merde on the Orient Express). This is a stand-alone and features a different and slightly larger cast. It's set in Australia because the real Land of Oz is totally bonzer, mate! This novel shows off different powers than the girls in Cloudfighters exhibited.

I have many novels in progress at one lowly stage or another at the moment (for certain constrained definitions of 'in progress' and 'at the moment'...and 'lowly stage'). Next up is a middle-grade novel set in ancient Egypt, which will be a short one (I'm hoping, because I have other thing I want to do this year, but the star of it might have other ideas, little terror that she is! I first thought of this on September 13th last year when I was writing Nature of the Beast and it will not let me go so I have to get it out of my system. After that, the most advanced (for certain constrained definitions of 'advanced') of the upcoming books are:

  • A new The Little Rattuses (volume six!) is in the planning stage - this will cover art as a topic. It could get messy!
  • I envision at least one more in the Terrene World™ story set. The third will feature largely middle-grade boys for a change. Yes - the world is evolving and expanding, just like real life! I have nothing put together on this story yet except a general idea of what it will involve. It will, I promise you, strongly argue for the environment, as all these novels do. Because this is just in the concept stage, I can't even guess when it might be out, but I can promise you that you will see it here first!
  • I'm still aiming to do a an updated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped re-written for the modern age, but I have no' yet poot doon anything on paper, Lasdies and Ladsies! I do have a good story idea though.
  • I'm still planning a variation on Jane Austen's First Impressions (yes, you have to be an Austen buff to know which novel that refers to!). I think both this and the Kidnapped stories will get done in 2018, but we'll see.
  • Another is my wish to bring up-to-date an old first draft of a novel set in England about a serial killer that I wrote years ago. I think this will be 2018 too now I've figured out a relatively pain-free way to get it from hand-written to editable electronic form!
  • The same applies to my first draft of a sci-fi novel about aliens and Earth. Could I be more vague? Well...I'd have to say the dimensions of that premise are not fully known, and less so in some directions than in others.
  • There is still a possible pair of novels - not sequels but set in the same world and very loosely connected (like Femarine and Nature of the Beast) - about magic and relationships. I have ideas for both novels, but I've written nothing of the other and very little of the one (maybe 6k so far).
  • Another possible pair of novels, more closely connected, are about a detective and her twin sister. I have begun work on the first chapters of both of these!
  • A whole host (yes, because anything less would be a ho-ho) of other projects which may or may not ever come to fruition including a Jane Austen-flavored story I've been thinking about, based on the youngest Woodhouse child (that ought to be an easier clue to solve), I may or may not, but it's looking more likely the more I think about it.
  • I have an idea for writing a novel about novel writing! How convoluted is that? I like the idea though, and I'll probably explore that in 2018.
  • One more thing I think I will do in 2018 is a third novel set in Temmeland™, the locale for Femarine and Nature of the Beast. I've been thinking about this more and more and I'm becoming ever more enamored of it because I'm falling in love with the main two characters, and that's where it starts, right? Love 'em or leave 'em! Nothing is written yet, but I have the basic opening portion mapped out in my mind, which will be about a third of the novel. After that, I shall wing-it, as I typically do, and let the characters tell me where to go rather than the other way around. It's more fun that way and makes for a better novel. Besides, my characters resent me if I try to tell them what to do. I know the beginning very well, and I know the ending I want, so it's just a matter of getting from the one to the other! Easy-peasey, right?!
  • I have an embryonic idea for a fourth Temmeland™ novel, this one female-centric involving a character mentioned in Nature of the Beast.
  • Finally I have an idea for a novel which will be a bit like a parody of chick lit, but not quite and certainly not like my other parodies; it will be more like Rumped! than like my parodies, but it will also be written in a more serious vein - because that's where my ink comes from: right out of my veins! Maybe I will aim this one at Xmas 2018. Maybe I'll do an annual (or even anal) parody each Xmas, who knows?!

Now I have to get back to writing! Writing! Writing! Keep your pencil up!