Saturday, July 29, 2017

What's happening at Ian Wood's Novels? The usual - write Write! WRITE!

Writing the good fight and hopefully not writing wrongs!

Last updated Tuesday 31 Jan 2023

This is the sister website to Ian Wood's Novellum where I used to blog book reviews, but since I reached 5,000 reviews (give or take) over a eyar ago, I'm quitting the reviewing. I'm still reading; I'm just not gabbing about what I read anymore. The time I save on not reviewing any more books, I'll expend on more creative pursuits. I'm thinking-up ideas for stories far faster than ever I can write them so I really need the extra time. Either that or another six hands, three more brains, and three more computers.

Anyway: this is the place to come for updates on my novels, for rambling about writing them, for sneak peaks and sample chapters, and for free downloads - when I get organized that is - and that's slowly taking shape. All of the children's, middle-grade, young adult, and adult-oriented novels I've written are available on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google books, and Kobo books (hereinafter referred to as the Fab4). I refuse to do business with Amazon, so you will never find my novels available there.

I've begun work on a new superhero story which is unlike anything else, but set in the same world as my other fantasy releases: Fairy Tale, Bad Fairy, Spelter Skelter and Powers That Be. Having finally compelted the Bagel dtectives chuldren;s sptry, I am back onthis novel, and I'm a smidge shy of 55,000 words today.

The superhero story was taking a temporary back seat to the detective children's story, but that's now completed and published (again for free - I'm no longer charging for young children's picture books). The story is called Who Creamed the Cheese? and is about two bagels who are detectives, who have to figure out how the cream cheese ended up splatted on the floor of the local bagelry (low-cal bagelry?). Is there a mob connection?! The story is packed with humor, plays on words, and bagels. The detectives are made up from photos of actual bagels, whereas all the suspects are AI created bagels, as well as some of the background images. I laughed my butt off when the AI came up with some of these images. I don't know if you'll find them as funny as I did, but I was laughing out loud. Maybe that's just me!

I've had a couple of new ideas for novels as well as some more structure for the second Zayn Stone novel, which I wasn't sure I'd actually write. I know I can write it now so that's on the table. Sometimes I think it would be nice to turn my brain off, but that ain't gonna happen until the grim reaper comes down the pike, so all I can do is to pray for a writer's block that will give me some downtime!

On the topic of the Little Rattuses, it's been a while, but I've not given up on them. A while back, I bought pens and sketch paper in preparation for some sort of an assault on more of these stories, and I've already done some drawings for the next volume, but I've been much more focused on getting these novels out lately. Rest assured that their stories (the Little Rattuses) will continue before so very long. You know what they say! Where there's a Rattus there's a way. Or vice-versa.

Meanwhile, I have other children's stories waiting in the wings: about squirrels, mockingbirds, parrots and goats, oh my!

  • In other areas of endeavor, whenever I get to them (a time which seems to be constantly receding), I envision at least two more novels in the Terrene World™ collection, in which Cloud Fighters and Seahorses are both set. The third story will feature largely middle-grade boys for a change and will be set in the Middle East. The next one after that - the fourth book - will for the first time, be set in the USA and feature both genders, much more-so than Seahorses did. Yes! This world is evolving and expanding, just like real life! I have nothing put together on these new stories yet except some intriguing ideas of what they will involve. They will, I promise you, strongly argue for the environment, as all these novels do. Because these two are just in the concept stage, I can't even guess when they might be out. I'll write them when I feel them, but I can promise you that you will see the news here first!
  • I also have an idea for a more mature novel featuring two characters from Seahorses when they go off to uni. It will not be the same as the middle grade novels, be warned. It will have adult (and new adult) themes. I'm excited about it, but that's some way down the pike (or is it a keyboard?) at the moment.
  • So, I'm still aiming to do an updated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped re-written for the modern age, but I have no' yet put doon anything on paper, Ladies and Laddies! I do have a good story idea though.
  • I'm still planning a variation on Jane Austen's First Impressions (yes, you have to be an Austen buff to know which novel that refers to!). I was thinking that both this and the Kidnapped stories would get done long efore now, but they keep getting pushed back as other ideas excite my imagination more.
  • Another such plan is my wish to bring up-to-date an old first draft of a novel set in England about a serial killer that I wrote years ago. Work on this one has begun with some seven chapters in hand in first draft form, but it keeps getting pushed back as other stories take precedence. When this will be out, I have no idea!
  • I also have an idea for a novel which will be a bit like a parody of chick lit, but not quite and certainly not like my other parodies; it will be more like Rumped!: a satire rather than a parody, but it will also be written in a more serious vein - because that's where my ink comes from: right out of my veins!

Now I have to get back to writing! Writing! Writing! Keep your pencil up!