Saturday, July 29, 2017

What's happening at Ian Wood's Novels? The usual - write Write! WRITE!

This is the sister website to Ian Wood's Novellum, my book review blog, and is the place to come for updates on my novels, for rambling about writing them, for sneak peaks and sample chapters, and for free downloads!

It's perennially under construction here because frankly, I'm more focused on writing than creating fancy websites, so there will always be something new and I'm less focused on maintaining this than I am on writing. I'm in a bit of a breathing space right where I can devote a little more time to getting this off the ground.

Please click on the white novel labels at upper right, to find out more about specific books that I've published.

So what am I working on now? (and why am I asking you?!)

I have too many novels in progress at one lowly stage or another at the moment (for certain constrained definitions of 'in progress' and 'at the moment'...and 'lowly stage'). The most advanced (for certain constrained definitions of 'advanced') of these are:

  • The Vicious Novel - a dystopian story about a cop in a decaying London, set slightly in the future where crime and immorality vie for the alcohol-induced opposite of sobriquet (drunkiquet?) of 'leading vice' is now avialable.
  • Nature of the Beast - set in the same world as Femarine, but two hundred years later and in a different nation than Femarine is on track to be released this month as planned. In this novel, Prince Benson is the second in line to the throne and his only concern is finding a cure for his stricken fiancée. Little does he know how little he does know. This is an LGBTQIA novel just as Femarine was.
  • There is a third novel I have in mind, set in the same world as Femarine. This is titled Qué and I haven't started work on that yet, but I know what the story is to be. It's not only set in the same world, but also in very much the same time-frame as Femarine, but again it starts out in a different country. I hope that fans of Femarine (and I know there are some!) will love it. This is also an LGBTQIA novel!
  • A Murder on the Orient Express parody is in the works. I've written only about 6k of this so far but fear ye not, parodies are easy for me. I'll try and have this ready for November when the movie is released, but I make no promises on this one.
  • There is a Star Trek parody I hope to have out by Christmas, to complement the Star Wars parody I put out (yes, the fire was awful - always install smoke alarms in your reading material!) last December.
  • 'Kidnapped' re-written for the modern age is just an idea so far.
  • I would also like to bring up to speed my first draft of a novel set in England about a serial killer.
  • The same applies to my first draft of a sci-fi novel about aliens and Earth. Could I be more vague? Well...Ild have to say the dimensions of that premise are not fulyl known, and less os in some directions than in other.
  • Possible pair of novels, very loosely connected, about magic. I have ideas for both novels, but have written nothing of the other and very little of the one (maybe 6k so far).
  • Possible pair of novels, closely connected, about a detective and her twin sister. I have begun work on the first chapter of both of these!
  • A whole host (yes, because anything less would be a ho-ho) of other projects which may or may not ever come to fruition including a couple of Jane Austen-flavor stories I've been thinking about, one in particular based on First Impressions (yes, you have to be an Austen buff to know which novel that refers to!). I know I will wrote, the other, based on the novel about the youngest Woodhouse child (that ought to be easier to solve), I may or may not, but it's looking more likely the more I think about it.

The first of The Little Rattuses series (The Very Amiable Rattuses)is completed and is now available for purchase, unfortunately on Amazon, but I will work on moving it to B&N soon. I no longer publish on Smashwords since they pissed me off one time too many. The second in the series will be out for Halloween. It's already well-in-hand and will be titled The Very Blood-Curdling Rattuses

Bass Metal is published and has garnered some extremely modest sales, for which I thank the purchasers! I hope you liked it. For myself, I was pleased with it, and I felt a real sense of bereavement when I had to say goodbye to the band members and move on to another project! I'd really fallen in love with them. This book is available now on B&N (and yes, ok, Amazon). It's a contemporary novel, but fans of Femarine should like this one also sprach Ianthustra!.

Now I have to get back to writing! Writing! Writing! Alvays vith ze writing! Oh god, he's gone all central European on us. Now we'll never get him back....